Their eight-inch-long satay is clearly the highlight of the day. The grilled sotong is very soft and smeared with a very nice remoah. Overall, the flavours are quite true Indonesian style (rich, spicy with some hints of sweetness from the ketumbar). They have both mutton and beef redang. Their cendol is not to be missed. It's very lemak and generous with gula melaka. Apr 2008
Makansutra Singapore 2009 pg173
Like so many good eateries in town, the no-frills interiors provide the setting for fab Indonesian fare. The usual suspects of Kangkong sambal, ruby-red chilli eggplant and sayar lodeh are reliable, but be adventurous. An entire log of squid is perfectly grilled in a sweet, black sauce, and it's hard not to inhale the chicken satay with its thick cuts of meat marinated in an unctuous sauce made of Indonesian palm seeds. November 2008
Time Out Singapore Magazine.
Super size Satay!
Think boneless drumstick that's actually on a stick. Chunky flesh is painted with Indonesian palm seed sauce and charcoal-grilled till crisp and caramelised at the edges. A sprinkle of golden shallots adds crunch to the sweet-savoury meat. Doesnt't come with peanut gravy.
Oct 2008
8 Days Magazine, "The Most Eligible Bachelor & Bachelorrete!"
Its ornately-decorated interior is a tad fussy but that's not going to stop us from checking out one of the best-kept secrets in the CBD area. After a tense boardroom meeting there's nothing city slicker like more than to sink into rattan chairs at the alfresco section and sip on a glass of calamansi juice. Order padang-style during lunch time. It offers a la carte menu at night. July 2007
her world magazine, "Fashion Hot Spot".