Eat what you may, but remember to save your stomachs for this delicious version of Indon Cendol.
Sate Madura
The 8-inch-long chicken satay is the highlight of the day, grilled with kecap manis and topped with fried shallots.
Cumi Bali
The grilled sotong is very soft and smeared with a very nice rempah. Savour the "melt-in-your-mouth" feeling as only fresh, lightly chargrilled squid.
Ikan Bakar
This is the ultimate dish for Fish & Spice lovers. Lovingly created and grilled with 18 different spices for that forget-me-not flavour.
Kambing Rendang
A sister dish of the Sapi Rendang, the Kambing Rendang is tenderly stewed to perfection.
Sapi Rendang
The perennial favourite, the Beef Rendang is always enjoyed by our guests, usually till no Rendang is left.